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Isoation worked!

I just wanted to let everyone here know, My cat is much better! ( see previous post)
After three days of my cat stalking and attacking my dog, We isolated her in a bedroom.
I fixed it up with her cat tree, water, food, toys plus access to a screened in porch.
After 10 hours of isolation, she came out of the room much calmer. We corrected her a few times with "No Kitty!" spoken in a firm voice. This seemed to work. It seemed to let her know that attacking her housemates is not acceptable behavior and will get her put in isolation.
so far so good. (fingers crossed)
My local shelter has a help line that gave me great advice.
Thank you to you all! My cat thanks you too!


Mod Post: Updates

Hi there everyone! I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know about the changes that have gone on recently.

- New mod! I am your newest mod, and will be working with aheadsuretospin to keep a better eye on the community. We hope for the community to keep the same 'feel' and general attitude though.

- New Rules! aheadsuretospin and I came up with a few rules, which are posted on the Community Info. Please do take a moment and familiarize yourself with them for future posting purposes.

-New Layout! I took some time today and redid the community's layout and will soon be changing the user icon.

-Tagging! Starting now, please try to tag your posts!

If anyone has any suggestions to make the community better or has an issue, please do let us know!

- canineatheart


Kitty sneezes :(

Hey all :)

A year and half ago or so, my partner and I adopted a year-old cat named Millie from the local rescue group. Turned out that he caught a URI bug going around and he was pretty sick 24 hours after we took him home. But it cleared up with antibiotics and everything was fine.

Unfortunately, about a day ago, he started sneezing again, and as we're not currently in a position to take him to the vet right away (in a week or so, yes, but not ASAP), I'm a little worried. He doesn't seem to have a runny or dry nose (he's a particularly slobbery cat, so his nose is usually moist), and there's no discharge in his eyes or anything, but he'll frequently sneeze 2 or 3 times in a row. We didn't think anything of it at first because it's not uncommon for him to get his nose into things that irritate him (dust from the welcome mat and his chair, usually), but it's not just that, and I think they're starting to affect his throat (his meows sound a little croak-y). Other than that, though, he seems to be acting fine.

He's an indoor cat and nothing's changed recently around our apartment, so we're not sure what's setting him off. I'm wondering if you guys might have any ideas of what might be going on and/or suggestions on how to help him.

Recent pic of the boy~Collapse )

Thank you!

What kind of food

What kind of food do you feed your animals?


Cat problem

Last night( all night!!) My ten year old female,spayed cat attacked my six year old ,spayed female dog. She then tried to attack my other cat, a neutered male. She has always been attached to dogs and wants to play with them. She will tease them but never attack.
I have four animals, two dogs and two cats that have lived together happily for ten years.
She has a vet visit next week.
I plan on halving the house up. The cats can have the upstairs, the dogs the downstairs. I am hoping she will stop this.
Please give me any advice you can. You guys were so great at helping me last time!

Aug. 14th, 2011

Hey everyone, I recently moved into a new house that had been sitting empty for two years (it was my grandfather's and he died two summers ago) and, unbeknownst to me until I got here, I also apparently inherited a bunch of stray cats. Which isn't a big deal, I'd been doing TNR and rescues in Chicago for the last four years. The surprise was yesterday when I went into the shed and found three kittens! They're about four or five weeks old, their mother is actually a stray who hangs out in my yard all the time (she's very friendly) but she wasn't taking care of the kittens very well so I took them in last night.

They're adorable and playful and not at all scared of humans, which is quite a change from the ferals I'm used to dealing with, so that's all going well. I have lots of experience in raising kittens, so no problems there. The problem is that I noticed fleas today. I had a bad case of fleas a few months ago with one of my own cats and was glad to finally get rid of them... I don't want to go through that again! But I know that you shouldn't use Frontline or anything on kittens who are this young. I also have flea shampoo but that says not to use it on kittens under eight months old! I also have a mild kitten shampoo from my vet for kittens this age but it's not specifically for fleas.

Any suggestions? The kittens are kept separate from my cats (I have five of my own, by the way) until I can get them taken to a vet anyway, and they're in the one bedroom that has hardwood floors instead of carpeting so I'm not too worried about them spreading to my other cats if I get it taken care of quickly. I just don't know what to do for kittens this young. I've only dealt with fleas on older cats.

By the way, if you know anyone in Rhode Island who'd be interested in adopting a kitten or two in a few weeks... ;) Also, suggestions for vets in the Providence/Pawtucket area would be great. (My other cats are due for their yearly checkups anyway once I start getting paid from my job.)

New entry to everyone .

I dont think edit my entry is going to make you all happier. I am have two male cats they are about to be one year old in september. I got them when they were six weeks at a shelter. They have all there shots and there microchipped. When I was litter box training them the orange one was always having trouble getting it. When I moved the litter box into a bedroom and not the bathroom he seemed to want to pee in the litter box and the floor too. We got roommates about march so I had to clean out the room they had the litter box and place it in another rooom. I placed it in the room where my husband leave his army stuff. the orange cat still is using the litter box and the floor too. I left for a month to visit family and my roommates stayed. I came back and say the issue was still there. I havent tried to change the litter because the last time I did that they play with it and scoop it out. These are my first cats since being on my own, I lived with my aunt all my life but thats when I was a kid but ive seen indooroutdoor cats live for along time. MY aunt talk to me about somethings like maybe there was another cat who lived here at one time and peed in those spot. I know some of it is because he is made at me and everything. I am sorry if I angry'd anyone. I wasnt trying to. But this is stressing me out. they seem to really like to go out side for a bit. its not like im openning the door and letting them roam for hours I am going out with them.


Kitty's UTI

Hi folks,

I'm not a cat-owner, but my friend has cats and turns out tonight her adult female peed on the bed (out of character) and it was a bit bloody. She's also meowing/yowling more than usual. I'm assuming from those three symptoms, that it's a UTI-related issue.

She'll run to the vet in the morning when they open, but in the meantime is there anything she can do to help the poor cat feel a little better? 


Dogs eating grass

I have 2 dogs. One of them has food allergies, so they only eat Taste of the Wild with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison.  They get no leftovers, human food or treats.  They get nothing but what comes out of this bag because I am trying to keep this dog alive and well and its not easy. This is the only food he has done OK on. I spent months finding that out and he was very sick the whole time. He lost weight, he had trips to the vet and we thought we might lose him.

The backyard where they play has no grass.  Its all wood chip mulch.

When we mow the front yard, we end up with a bucket of grass clippings and when I go to put it on the compost, I have to go through the dog yard to get to where the composter is kept. Several times I have set the bucket down  to open the gate and they have eaten quite a bit of grass trimmings.

Why do they eat the grass? Should I just give it to them? Do they need a "proper vegetable?" What might it be?


Hi guys,

Parker had his first skunking last night and because I've never had to deal with this before, I used all the remedies I've heard of, aside from the tomato juice one (who really has tomato juice on hand in large quantities?!).

Once it happened, I poured Coca Cola all over him and scrubbed it. Then we made a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dishsoap. I scrubbed that paste in and left it for a while, then rinsed it with warm water. Lastly, I used a full tube of Colgate toothpaste on him and that seemed to work the best. Mmmmminty fresh.

It didn't last long of course and through the night the smell didn't dissipate much, so today I used an entire bottle of Nature's Miracle Skunk stuff and that was pure genius until I washed it off a few hours later. 

He still stinks and I know that's normal, but I'm dying and the whole house is unbelievably smelly. He's confined to the kitchen and is totally depressed. As am I.

Do you have any other ideas that I can try? Dawn dish soap? (Works on the duckies!)

As an aside, I have to eventually go back to work and I'm still stinky, so what can I use on me?


A very sad and smelly Mama and Parker.

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Hi. I'm looking for advice on my doggie.

This is Simba. I don't know if I can keep caring for him. My ex picked him up from the pound on impulse, and then left him with me when we broke up. I love Simba, so I didn't mind that my ex didn't take him when he left.

Now I realize I can't afford to care for Simba properly. I can't afford vet treatment, which he needs because he has bad teeth. One of his canines actually fell out a couple weeks ago. He doesn't have a yard he can run in, and I'm a full time college student so walks don't happen much either. Simba deserves a better life than that.

What should I do? I feel the best thing for Simba is to give him a new home. However, I will miss him very much. I'm also afraid he'll miss me and be sad that I let him go. Maybe I should put an ad on craigslist saying I would like visiting rights? Do you think someone would even take a dog that needs vet care?

I messaged my ex on facebook asking him to take Simba but he's living with his mom and she won't let him.

Misbehaving kitties...

I have 3 cats.  I have 3 litter boxes.  I do my best to clean said litter boxes 2 to 3 times a week.  But in the last month, there have been 3 instances where one of the cats has not been using the litter box to do their business, as they use the floor right next to the litter box.  I don't know which cat(s) is/are doing this.  This morning, I went to clean the boxes and found four "accidents" all around said boxes.

I have heard this can be due to cats being angry or stressed.  There are chances it could be one or the other or both.  Two of the said we have had for over 1.5 years.  Recently, my husband and I have started caring for my sister-in-law's cat as she in the hospital, so we brought the third cat into the house in April.  She is not used to living with other cats and there was a bit of hissing and bopping at first, but the cats are living somewhat contently now (there is still the occasional hiss and bop between her and the other two).  She could be stressed from being in the new environment but I don't think so as this has only happened in the last month.  Meanwhile, the other two cats could be pissed at us for trying to spend time with the third cat or for not spending enough time with them.  We do try to play with them when they ask, but it can be challenging as they sometimes feign lack-of-interest and then meow at us to continue when we think they are not interested.

My husband thinks a 4th box is needed.  Wer haven't tried that yet because I am not sure that will resolve the situation.  Are there any other suggestions on how to remedy this?  We also never had this problem before we got the 3rd cat.


Kitty Seizures

We brought home a kitten on Thursday. He is perhaps 8 weeks old, and my MIL gave him to us.

My MIL warned us that he got into some weeds my FIL sprayed with RoundUp weedkiller and he had a seizure that she witnessed. Since he's been in our home, we have witnessed 3 or 4 more seizures. They are partial complex seizures, and he comes out of it after a short while.

We called the vet, and she said that the only way they can tell if the kitten has an actual medical condition or if it's the pesticide he's reacting to is to do a blood panel.

My question is: Does anyone know how long the effects of the weedkiller might last, if it is indeed the problem? I was already planning on taking him to the vet soon but he's too small for shots and neutering just yet. I thought i might bounce the question off people here and see if anyone has any experience with this before we take him in. If he does have a seizure condition, the only thing they can do is give us medication for him to take each day, so either way, this doesn't seem to be an emergency situation or anything they can just 'fix'. Having a timeline on how long the poison would be in his system would be helpful though, so i can keep an eye on him.

Thanks in advance!


So I have a new foster litter and they went to get some de-worm medication.
I was just heading to bed when I noticed the runt had something sticking out of his bum. I pull it out to see a long, white, worm like thing.
It was'nt moving so Im assuming that it's dead. Is that natural after getting the de-worm medication? I have never seen my other fosters have this issue before. These guys are about 6 weeks and are pretty healthy.
Im just grossed out accually and Im afraid that I may pick up the little guys worms. Which I doubt since I need to ingest the fecal matter.

Anyway, just wanted to check if the dead worm is a sing that the meds are working and killing the worms....which I did'nt know that any of them had.
I have yet to find any traces of worms in his sibblings, so I dunno if it's a runt thing or not.

As I said, I have never come across this so I do hope he's okay.
I left a message with the vet tech at the shelter I got them from, so Im hoing to hear back from her.
This is so stressfull with it being 2am and no one to really confirm it for me straight away...

Help with thunderstorms

This is my dog Molly.  She is deathly scared of even small storms.  The vet gave a mild dose pill to quiet her (Acepromazine) it works well but, I would like to know if there is anything else I can do.  I don't want to drug her unless I have to.
An hour or so before the storm she: shakes, pants, follows me everywhere getting as close as she can.  At night she sits on the end of the bed and shakes. This continues for the whole storm and about 25 minutes after.
  Comfort and petting does not work. 

I would appreciate any advice you guys have.


Frantic foster momma cat reporting in!

I found two ticks, one each on two babies!
They are only 4 weeks and have no mother. I got one off fine since it had kinda detached...but one I had to pry off (with the help of some butter) But now Im freaking out on weather or not they have lyme.
I called the vet tec and told her what to do as well...gotta wait to hear back.

These were pretty small ticks but I worry like any mom would.
I checked them over for any more and did'nt feel any...but I can relax knowing that ticks had been crawling on them.

Is there a chance they'll get lyme or are they safe?

Dog Problems

Hi there! I am starting up a silly blog outlining the silly problems us dog owners may run into.
It is located here
It is a spin off of various other "problem" blogs, so why not have one for dogs? In the future I may open the range to pets in general. So even if you may or may not relate, hopefully you can find it somewhat amusing.
You can also feel free to submit your silly problem you may encounter with being a dog owner and I might edit it into a short format to fit on the blog. Who knows, maybe others can really relate! 
As a dog owner, I find this humorous and a lot of the first suggestions are from my personal experience. I will update more through the coming days so check it out/bookmark it! :D 
Hope you enjoy! 

Hormonal Teenage Cat?

Hi Guys.

Can someone help me? Our cat used to always sleep in our bed with us, sometimes even under the doona between us but the last few months he's become alot more independant and wants to spend less and less time around us.
He refuses to even sleep on our bed now, will actually go and sleep on the couch in the lounge by himself at night. He gets moody if we pick him up and fuss over him too much and although I never let him out past 10pm he has now started howling at the door of a night time to go out.
I understand that cats go through hormonal changes like humans, he is nearly 4 years old and I understand this would be the age that he would be starting to "mature" so to speak so would that be all his behaviour changes would be down to? Has anyone else experienced this with a male cat of around the same age?