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Desperate for Advice or Help

I'm at a point where I am desperate to find help to keep my animals safe while I get back on my feet. I'll only post one time in any comm, and not repeat it, but if this is against the rules, mods, please delete.
If you could visit http://bit.ly/198O4Qq and possibly share the link with others, I'd be ever so appreciative. Time is crucial, as I will lose my pets due to the havoc in my life right now. I have 8 days left to make this happen. http://bit.ly/14CeDzp My animals include my Service Dog In Training GSD Koshka, my rescued girl Krissie the Beagle mix, senior kitties Tabitha and Patches, special needs kitty Gwen, plus 3 bonded kitties.
I will definitely take any advice or ideas, as I've tapped everything I can think of (contacting a ton of rescues and foster folks, asking friends and family to help, trying to contact famous folks, trying to barter for fixing my Jeep or fostering my animals, posting to every facebook page I can find that has to do with animals, and so on.)